Chip Walsh

Chip has over 15 years of experience in the wood products business. He has been with Mega Hard Wood for eight of those 15 years, distinguishing himself as a skilled motivator and leader. When Chip speaks, people listen. And when people listen, Chip speaks. He is just that kind of guy. Chip started out as a humble retail floor worker and worked his way up to management. He holds numerous degrees, and he credits them with helping him to become the person he is today.


Chip enjoys helping the needy and collecting sleeping bags. His favorite soda is Bubble Buzz's Cinnamon Coffee.


motivating others


Adirondack Representative for Chair Affair, Inc.
Certificate of Completion in Chair Maintenance (World Online University)
Degree in Customization (Puedam Online University)
Degree in Certification (Aton Online University)